Monday, December 31, 2012

X-rays, photographs and projected outcomes

I thought I would now share with you some of the x-rays, photographs and projected outcomes in the report from my Maxillofacial Surgeon - Dr Peter Tsakiris.  I've had the report and images for a month or two, but it has taken me a little while to find the courage to upload them because the images really highlight the extent of my jaw abnormalities.  However this blog would not achieve it's purpose if I didn't share them, so here you go.  You can click on any of the images to view a larger version.

In the first x-ray (front view) you can see how my jaw has grown down too far covering my lower teeth.  The x-ray also shows that my upper jaw sits at an angle.  The side x-ray shows the extent of my overbite (upper jaw being further forward than the lower) but also the overjet of my upper teeth (the angle at which they are protruding outwards).

Current view of jaw from front
Current view of jaw from side

My last post talked about my SARME surgery which is the very first stage due to take place in a couple of months.  This surgical procedure will see my palette split in half to allow the expander device to widen my upper jaw.  A few teeth will also be removed during this procedure.  The below images show the expected changes in my jaw after this first stage.  As I stated before, this is actually the least invasive of all the surgical procedures.

First stage projections - SARME
The next set of images show the final expected outcome after stages two and three.  Stage two will involve wearing braces for a period of 8-9 months, and stage three will be the main double jaw surgery which will see me in hospital for a week.

As you can see my jaw will not only be wider, but also more square with the upper jaw being lifted up a further 2mm.  This will be quite a dramatic change as the length (and shape) of my face will completely change.  This is achieved by the removal of different parts of the bone in the upper jaw taking it both up and backwards, while the bottom jaw will be split and extended further forward using implants.  I will also have a genioplasty which involves an osteotomy of a piece of the chin bone, which will then be slid forward or backwards depending on the shape of my face.
Final projected outcomes - front view
While it's quite difficult to see - the final images show the expected changes from the side profile.  Again, click on any of the images to see a larger version.

Final projected outcomes - side view

These images are only projected outcomes and the treatment plan will evolve as I move through this journey, depending on movements made by orthodontics and other factors.

Well that's it for this post - if you have any questions please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.  Next update soon!

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