Monday, March 18, 2013

SARME surgery post-op day seven - Look at my gap!

It has now been seven days since my SARME surgery and I'm glad to say that everything is going pretty well.

I went to see my Maxillofacial Surgeon for the first time since the procedure and he has commented that my gums are nice and pink and that I look like I am healing fast.  I still have no feeling in my upper teeth and my gums are completely numb, but he has said it can take months for the feeling to come back!  I mentioned to him my concern over one side of my jaw sitting slightly lower than the other, but he assures me this is normal and that it will be fixed up during both orthodontics and my bi-maxillary surgery next year.

I'm really surprised with how quick my upper jaw is widening.  I know I said before that it would widen by 0.25mm with each turn and yes I know it's called a 'rapid' maxillary expansion, but I didn't realise how quickly it would become a large gap.  After four days of turning the gap is extremely noticeable and I am able to do all sorts of tricks with my gap such as whistle or direct a stream of water through it.

Anyway that's all for now - enjoy the photos below and check out my sexy (not) gap!

I'm sexy and I know it

I can almost fit a straw through the middle


  1. Hi!
    it's very interesting to read your blog since I underwnent the SARME surgery 2,5 weeks ago. I'm from sweden so it's interesting to read how the treatment differs in the different contries. My gap is now about 1cm and I have tree days left to turn. I went to remove my stitches today whicch I thought reaally hurt. I was stunned to read how much you have to pay for the treatment since I hardly have to pay anything. Because my treatment is necessary for my jaw function I only have to pay about 220$/year, the rest the government covers.

    I hope you keep updating the blog beacause I really enjoyed reding it!

    1. Hi Jessica

      Thanks for the comments I really appreciate it. I'm very jealous that it does not cost the same in Sweden! I wish that was here too.

      It's been four weeks since I posted, but I have finally added another post. Hope you enjoy it.

      Andy :)


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