Thursday, March 14, 2013

SARME surgery post-op day three - I've started turning!

Three days after my SARME surgery and I am still feeling no pain, however I have been extremely exhausted and sleeping loads.

Today I went for an appointment with my orthodontist to start the adjustments/turns on my expansion device.  I freaked out a little inside when he put the mini spanner into my mouth and shook (quite visibly) as he made the very first turn.  I was so convinced that it was going to hurt, but to my surprise it didn't.  My orthodontist gave me instructions on adjusting my expander and within five minutes I was finished.

The SARME surgery on Monday split the jaw bone which allows the upper jaw to move and now by turning the device I am making my upper jaw wider.  This is not a slow process (theres a reason they call it 'rapid' maxillary expansion) as my jaw is widening by 0.25mm with each turn.  After the first turn by the orthodontist I could already notice a gap (however this did not come out in the photo below) so it's reasonable to say that I will be looking like Cletus from The Simpsons in no time.  

That's all for now - just a quick post.  I will update more in the days to come.

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